The ultimate 4-week Israel experience for Christian Millennials

Have fun, master new skills, and gain knowledge of Israel's past, present and future

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Summer session: May 14th, 2023
Fall session: November 2023

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Grow. Discover. Connect.

IL-4C is a 4 week, hands-on program for Christian millennials, at the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, which incorporates academic content with skill-building workshops and a deep look at the Jewish roots of the Christian faith

Rich Academic Content

Learn from top professors about Israel’s past, present, and future. 

Hear from a diverse range of leading voices in Israel and abroad.

Ambassador Of Truth​

Gain insight into Israel’s social and political challenges and be equipped to be a voice for Israel.

Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

Connect with the roots of your Christian identity and learn about Jewish life in the time of Jesus.



Take a deep dive into Israeli life! Enjoy delicious local cuisine, and interact with Israeli professionals and activists. 

Professional Advantage​

Cultivate your public speaking, communication, and debate skills in interactive workshops given by world-class professionals.


Live like a local- play like a tourist! Visit national sites and attractions with our tour guides, and enjoy nights out on the town with friends!

invest in your future and in your identity

Gain the skills, knowledge, and experience that no college can provide!

What makes us tick

What is IL-4C
all about?


Grow your leadership skills and finetune your vision for the future


Connect with the land of the Bible and its people


Discover the tools, skills, and knowledge for personal advancement

Behind the scenes

Meet The IL-4C Team

CEO Jerusalem Institute of Justice

Flavia Sevald

Flavia Sevald has served as CEO of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice ( JIJ) since 2014. Previously, Flavia pursued a successful career in the High-Tech industry developing marketing and service strategies. Flavia works together with Knesset Members and the Israeli Government along with the nonprofit world to create social reforms for the benefit of Israeli citizens nationwide. Flavia understands the importance of positive example and servant leadership and promotes the growth of a strong team. She believes bettering society is possible if we care for others as we care for our own.

Director of intl. Law Department

Adv. Uri Morad

Adv. Uri Morad was born, raised, and married in Israel, and now serves as the Director of JIJ’s International Law & Public Diplomacy Department. For Uri, as a former Givati Brigade combat soldier of the IDF, the suffering of others is not just a theoretical concept. Uri brings his enthusiasm for the law, human rights, and legal advocacy to JIJ’s international efforts and the intern program.

Program Manager

Nofar Wizmann Berman

Nofar Wizmann Berman is IL-4C’s program manager. Her passion is to stand for justice and educate the younger generations.  A mother of 2,  Nofar served as a special operations officer in an elite unit in the IDF for 5 years. After finishing her studies at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Nofar worked in the aviation industry and joined the JIJ team in 2018.

Academic Manager

Dr. Jeremie Bracka

IL-4C academic program is led by Dr. Jeremie M Bracka an experienced professional who has held key positions in the international arena and in academia at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law (Heidelberg). Jeremie has been published widely in the Oxford University Press, the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law and the Melbourne Journal of International law.

Assisting Academic Manager

Alan Dosoretz

Alan Dosoretz has a BA in Government and International Relations (UADE), and an MA in Peace Studies and Conflict Management. He currently coordinates the e-learning programs for the Social Innovation Cluster of Haifa University’s International School and is the Director of the Muslim-Jewish Conference (MJC) which focuses on building trust and cooperation between Muslims and Jews. 

Alan has ten years of experience working in civil society and governmental projects related to youth empowerment, interfaith and intercultural dialogue, civic involvement, and social entrepreneurship. Alan is also a fellow of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Topol Family Foundation Fellowship in Nonviolence. 

Storyteller & Communication Skills Expert

Mila Finkelshtein

Mila Finkelshtein is a corporate storyteller, an expert on efficient and effective communication, and message delivery, and the founder and owner of MILA – a leading story – where stories and ideas become a driving force for persuasion and advancing change.

Mila works with CEOs, executives, lawyers, politicians, and entrepreneurs on their content and messaging, as well as speech delivery. She improves her clients’ positioning strategy and sharpens their value propositions by teaching them how to best approach their audiences, tell their stories, and shine.

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Total Cost Of The 4-Week Israel Program: $3450

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Frequently asked

  • Public transport in Jerusalem.
  • Housing in Jerusalem.
  • Full study, experience.
  • Professional workshops.
  • Ulpan.
  • Tours around the country.
  • Supervisor who accompanies you and helps each step of the way.
  • Health insurance with national coverage.
  • No. The course and all materials will be taught fully in English.
  • Psst! Nearly everyone in Israel speaks English.

The program runs for 4 weeks

  • The work week in Israel runs Sunday through Thursday.
  • Weekends (Friday & Saturday) are available free time to spend at your leisure.

You can travel by bus, train or by taxi.

  • Our supervisor is available for participants to reach out to directly; contact information will be provided at the start of the program.
  • Psst! Additionally, JIJ is located in downtown Jerusalem, and will have contacts available for questions, concerns, and support throughout the program.

You will be covered by excellent insurance  throughout the length of the program.

  • Accommodation will be provided at a furnished centrally located facility.

Who we are

more about the JIJ

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The Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) is an Israeli legal and research institute dedicated to cultivating and defending human rights, the rule of law and democracy.

Established in 2004, JIJ operates both internationally and domestically. We work to uphold freedoms in the region by submitting charges of the gravest crimes to international tribunals and governmental bodies.

JIJ’s International Law and Public Diplomacy Department stands at the forefront of Israel’s struggle to maintain its standing among the international community.

We use the legal and advocacy tools at our disposal in order to confront the most complex issues.

Our in-depth research, legal expositions, memos and position papers have impacted the lives of millions around the world and are presented before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, the Israeli Parliament, the United Nations and governmental offices worldwide.

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